Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women USA was founded in 2015 by Deborah Maytubee Denton (Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma) after the murder of 2 of her friends, Andrea Begay and Sharon Gorman (Navajo) in Gallup, New Mexico. It started as a simple page on Facebook but year by year the scope of MMIW USA's work widened and became a non-profit. MMIW USA's main focus is the families and women that have been abandoned by law enforcement and other institutions. They fill the gap between the family and law enforcement and demand answers, something these families felt afraid to do. Two years ago MMIW USA started the Staying Sacred Program for young women and girls. At the meeting the girls are taught self-defense and empowerment through native culture. We engage in discussions around trafficking and social media and we also balance that with medicine making and giving them a place to connect with the land and our Earth Mother. Proceeds will help this program expand, buying facial recognition software to look for trafficked women and the capability to run back ground checks as we delve into stopping the violence that leaves some native women 10 times more likely to be raped or murdered. Chukmaskhi' for your help in this matter. You are appreciated.

About the Fundraiser

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Halito! I am Jennifer Robin (award winning Choctaw radio host and producer) of Resilience Radio on KVMR FM in Northern California. Early 2020 I was refereed to Deborah Maytubee Denton of MMIW USA by dear friend Rhonda Head. After our radio interview, I was touched and inspired to do something to help. All the sudden quarantine was amongst us. Luck, fate, karma, darma or the ancestors set us up with an also quarantined Open House Print Shop who heard my vision for a MMIW fundraiser and without hesitation said, yes, they would love to help. With MMIW USA's blessing we quickly came together (6ft apart) to launch this campaign. Yakoke to Tyler Phibbs the artist, Chris Borges for his added "touch", and Open House Print Shop for creating a lot of good in a good way.

Making the Logo

Some things can be so easily digitally slapped together these days. We wanted a symbol that was organic and real. Our Artist Tyler Phibbs (Blackfoot) had an idea… an idea to take a human handprint on glass, break it with a hammer and then scanning the pieces. Chris Borges (Manaus - Amazonia) literally lent a hand and we were on a creative frenzy. Why this much effort for a logo?! Why so many pieces involved?! Each missing person is worth all the effort. A human handprint from a Manaus medicine family descendent is a prayer of a return to healing. The handprint shattered in pieces represents the shattered hearts and lives of the victims and families whom are impacted by this tragic epidemic. We hope these items help spread awareness, help in support MMIW USA, bring our family members home and stop this cycle. YAKOKE CHITO.
The Logo